Bar Spoon Trident 50cm (Copper Plated)


Professional craft bartenders understand how important it is to determine when it is appropriate to stir and not shake a cocktail. Our high quality, trident ended bar spoons are in high demand as they offer an additional functionality of easily picking garnishes. The twisted nature of the stem should allow for a more fluid motion, both through the mixing vessel and your fingers, allowing for ease in the stirring action.

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Designed for the quickest swizzling and stirring, our copper trident barspoon spins its way from a smoothly concave spoon bowl to a forked tip at the stem’s far end. An aesthetic nod to the nautical, the trident also works for spearing the perfect garnish to cap your drink.


  • Gorgeous reflective copper finish
  • Durable, high quality bar spoon
  • Trident fork end ideal for picking garnishes
  • Twisted rod / stem for added ease in stirring action
  • Trendy, stylish and professional bartending tool
  • Perfect for creating stirred craft cocktails
  • Measurement 50cm (19.6″) bar spoon

To retain its’ luster, we recommend hand washing.

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Additional information

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