Tiki Ice Molds (set of 3)


These Tikis 3D Ice Molds are sure to make you hula! Innovative and clever, these molds create 3 detailed tiki shapes that cool your beverage without watering it down. Stackable, sleek design conserves space in your freezer.

The handles on the tray make it easy to move, while the flexible silicone allows the ice mold to pop out quickly and easily.

Impress your guests, incredibly detailed, oversized, slow-melting, great for punch bowls and are perfect for everyday beverages.

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The Tovolo® Tiki 3d Ice Molds are the fun way to cool down any drink or fruity cocktail! Easily make large detailed tiki ice cubes using the freezable molds that come three to a pack. The silicone is soft and flexible, which makes removing the tiki ice from their molds so easy anyone can do it. The silicone ice shaping sleeves are stackable and come with a tray for mobility and quick storing.

The Tovolo® Tiki Ice Molds are perfect for the home tiki bar or theme party looking to elevate their drink presentation. The set of 3 molds come with detailed visual instructions for use.

Slim design: Stores compactly in freezer with narrow design. Silicone molds can also be removed and stored without the tray once frozen, saving even more space.

Impressive:Molds create incredible, detailed shapes sure to impress your guests.

Easy to remove: Flexible silicone allows ice to pop out easily.


  • 3 Tiki characters
  • Molds create incredibly detailed cubes
  • Flexible silicone allows ice to pop out easily
  • Tray handles for easy mobility
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Food safe
  • BPA Free
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Additional information

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