Tapered Metal Liquor Pourer – Black


The Tapered Metal Pourer is styled after the popular Spill Stop 285-50, these tapered metal pourers have become a standard for many bars around the world. Like the 285-50 this tapered pourer maintains a professional pour speed and accuracy. It has a steady flow that caters to an appropriate pour timing, aiding in the precision of an accurate cocktail.

These liquor pourers will help you create drinks with a more consistent alcohol to mixer ratio which will guarantee customer satisfaction.

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This gorgeous looking copper-plated speed pourer is a premium piece of bar equipment. Every bar, restaurant, club and home bar needs to have our Copper Finish Liquor Pourers. The added efficiency they create makes them an absolute necessity behind the bar. The simple yet sleek design of the copper tone gives this essential device a sophisticated and classy appeal.


  • Stopper is the perfect balance between suppleness and rigidity – stays firmly in the bottle but is easy to remove
  • Vented
  • Large spout
  • Finishing: Copper plating

To retain its’ luster, we recommend hand washing.

Additional information

Additional information

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