Stainless Steel Speed Bottle Opener


Also known as Speed Opener, Mamba, Popper and of course Bar Blade. If you are a bartender who has ever had to battle with that caked in liquor pour on a busy Friday night after kicking a bottle in the middle of a large shot order, then you will certainly appreciate the purpose and functionality of this tool. The hottest and newest up and coming replacement for the standard speed opener! This bar blade is powder coated matte finish.

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Speed Opener a.k.a. Bar Blades have been around for years now  ….having been used mainly in flair competitions. They go under the names Speed Opener, Mamba, Popper and of course Bar Blade. Bar Blading is a small part of a flair bartender’s routine they use it to do a number of things that impresses the crowd. But the reason why these are ideal behind the bar is that it is so much faster than using any other bottle opener, and it impresses the customer. It will make bartending faster and therefore increase the total on the till and clear the bar quicker. This helps people get served quicker therefore increasing sales. This bar blade is powder coated matte finish in black.

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Additional information

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