Long Nose Absinthe Spoon


The striking long nose design of this attractive absinthe spoon makes sugar cubes look extra sweet. This special slotted spoon is made of brass, and then plated with chrome for a brilliant shine. Plus, it’s made to fit perfectly over absinth glasses so you’ll get the right amount of sugar and water into your drink, the right way. This unique design makes a great gift for anyone who collects absinth spoons.

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Used in the preparation of a traditional French or Swiss absinthe, this elegant and high-quality stainless steel absinthe spoon features a skull and cross bones on the grill in the middle of the handle which is used to hold the sugar cube.


  • Designed with a long protrusion allowing the spoon to accommodate larger glasses
  • The spoon features diamond and dot designs in the grille
  • Chrome plated over brass
  • Will not tarnish
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Used in the preparation of a traditional French or Swiss absinthe
  • Fits perfectly over absinthe glasses
  • Dimensions: 6.75”L
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Additional information

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