Honey and Syrup Dispenser – 8oz


Presenting the neatest syrup dispenser ever. This honey syrup dispenser is simply revolutionary, with its bottom-flowing design. No more excess syrup going over the spout and creating a sticky bottle. No more hard-to-clean covers that are filled with goo. Simply press the lever and let gravity do its job. The bottle also has a stand which keeps the dispenser upright and prevent further spillage. This 8 ounce dispenser features a lovely, eye-catching honeycomb design that makes it the perfect addition to any home, restaurant, bar, or diner.

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Are you a frequent consumer of honey and syrup looking for a more convenient storage and dispensing solution? Would you like a stylish wide-mouthed honey jar that makes it super-easy to dispense even a tiny amount without leaving a mess?

Stylish & Durable: Stylishly combines plastic acrylic and stainless steel to enhance visual appeal. Durable construction guarantees re-usability. Easy to dismantle for cleaning and reassemble for re-use.

Easy to Use: This beautiful Honey/Syrup Dispenser is easy and fun to use. Simply push down on the thumb lever to dispense. The honey will uniquely flow out the bottom of the jar to avoid messes.

Moderate Flow: This whimsical, honeycomb shaped plastic dispenser is perfect for honey or syrup. Handy trigger efficiently starts and stops the honey flow. Includes stand to hold and store dispenser.

Anti-Drip: Avoid messy and sticky situations from other honey dispensers on the market that drip and trail. This Honey Dispenser is built with a unique sliding mechanism, allowing you to seal the tip and prevent any drip.

Versatile & Convenient: This honey dispenser is perfect for number of uses in the Cocktails or in the kitchen while baking and cooking. Use it to add a touch of golden sweetness to your favorite drink, baked breads, toasts, biscuits, fruit, yogurt, and more.


  • Non-drip.
  • Pours cleanly and stays neat.
  • Great for honey, syrup, condensed milk.
  • Elegant honeycomb design.
  • Comes with glass stand.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Capacity: 8 oz (237 ml.)
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Additional information

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