Creme Brulee Torch


This torch is perfect for crème brulee, tarts, custards, flans, meringue pies, bread pudding melting cheese and cocktail garnishes. Safety adjustable flame. Child proof safety lock. Anti-flare flame works in all angles. This torch is powered with butane gas (not included). Butane capacity is 64 ml. Includes a convenient detachable stand for easy use and storage.

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Perfect torch for preparing the classic crème brulee. Caramelizes sugars and browns meringues for a tasty topping on any dish. Make restaurant quality desserts at home. Uses include; caramelizing sugars, browning meringue or melting cheese.


  • Fits standard butane fuel container
  • Caramelizes sugars and browns meringues
  • Perfect for browning meats, melting cheese, marsh mellows in cocktails or roasting peppers & vegetables
  • Uses standard butane with adjustable flame and a safety switch
  • Continuous flame
  • Butane fuel not included
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Additional information

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