Copper Plated Muddler – 8.5 inch


This copper plated 8.5 inch (21.5 cm) muddler is an essential bartender’s tool for making mojitos, caipirinha, mint juleps and lots more. It’s made from the highest quality stainless steel for maximum durability, while its textured nylon head enables you to effectively mash, or muddle, fruits, herbs and spices to release their flavours into the cocktail. This item will add flair to your cocktail making and give a premium feel.

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Every professional bartender knows that muddling fresh herbs and fruit is a bartending skill that will take your drink from ordinary to extraordinary. Extracting fresh ingredients brings a robust flavor to your cocktail unlike any other, giving you a signature name in the bartending realm.

This 8.5 inch copper plated muddler with grinder head is fantastic at perfectly muddling your fresh ingredients, while also offering a very classy style to your bar processes. Your guests will certainly remember their delightful cocktail, as well as the elegantly classy way it was made for them. It’s also really easy to maintain it once you’ve finishing mashing the ingredients for the perfect cocktail. Simply rinse it with warm water before thoroughly drying it off with a towel.


  • Perfect for muddling fruits, herbs and spices when making cocktails such as mojitos, mint julep and caipirinha amongst many others
  • Textured nylon head mashes ingredients to release flavours into cocktails
  • Durable stainless steel frame allows you to maintain a tight grip as you muddle
  • Measurement 8.5 inch (21.5cm)
  • Finishing: Gorgeously lustrous copper finish for an elegant vintage look

To retain its’ luster, we recommend hand washing.

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Additional information

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