Copper Plated Japanese Tall Jigger (1oz and 2oz)


This Japanese copper plated tall Jigger features two bowls at each end with different capacities; 1 oz x 2 oz. Japanese Jiggers are different, because they are taller and have steeper angle walls to help reduce spillage. Copper plated appearance gives the Jigger a stunning antique look and provides great insulation to keep the content a cold temperature. Copper bar supplies look amazing in old time fashion themed bars and restaurants.

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This Japanese style jigger features double sided increments of 1 ounce (30ml) and 2 ounce (60ml). The stainless steel material is copper plated, showcasing an elegantly reflective look that is desired by many hospitality professionals. There are also inner increment markings, enabling consistent and precise measurements. This high quality jigger is the perfect bar tool to add to your bartending arsenal if you are a bartender who relies on control, style and accuracy.

These are the real deal and PERFECT bar accessories and tools for professional mixologists, the beginner home bartender and everybody in between!


  • High quality Japanese style tall jigger
  • Finishing: Stainless steel with Copper plating
  • Accurate and consistent for getting precise measurements
  • Beautiful pure copper design – polished shine outside, brushed smooth inside
    Measurements: 1oz (30ml) over 2oz (60ml)
  • Very stylish

To retain its’ luster, we recommend hand washing.

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Additional information

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