3 Piece Copper Plated Cocktail Shaker – 16oz


This 16oz Copper Cocktail Shaker offers a truly stylish way to shake and serve cocktails. With a beautiful copper plated finish and 3 piece design, this cobbler cocktail shaker has an in-built strainer for a smoother blend. It’s made of Stainless steel with a copper plating finish.

Designed for making cocktails quickly and easily, this copper shaker follows the new copper barware serving trend.

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The most important tool for a bartender when it comes to crafting a great mixed drink is, without a doubt, a cocktail shaker. A high quality cocktail shaker can immediately elevate any mixed drink. An essential addition to any collection of cocktail tools, this 3 Piece Copper Plated Shaker Set has everything you need to increase overall efficiency. The 16oz. shaker tin gives you just the right amount of space to mix and properly aerate all of your cocktail ingredients.

The key to any great cocktail is achieving the proper proportions. Another innovative aspect of the design is the built-in strainer, allowing you to blend and chill drinks without dispensing any ice or debris. This all inclusive set gives you everything you need to start making premium cocktails. The antique copper finish on this set creates a vintage look and style that gives this shaker kit a genuine authenticity. The warm copper color gives this cocktail shaker kit an unpretentious air of elegance and charm that serves as homage to the decadence of cocktail culture. Order your 3 Piece Copper Plated Shaker Set today and impart a style and quality on every future cocktail you craft.

To retain its’ luster, we recommend hand washing.

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Additional information

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