Elevate your drinks with copper barware. These Copper bar tools are designed to please the professional bartender (or the most enthusiastic cocktail connoisseur), these tools will enhance the taste and presentation of every cocktail, from your go-to martini to the most esoteric of concoctions. These are perfect for your home bar, mixology event, restaurant or at parties. Upgrade your bar collection with these fantastic tools! Master mixologists, home bartenders, and craft bartenders everywhere love this collection, and we know you will too!

The lustrous metal is also known to purify liquids, which is why old-time moonshiners and modern bourbon makers alike have relied on sulfur-removing copper pipes and stills. Everything about a copper still imparts characteristics into the spirits, and copper drinkware then carries that over. Moreover, an ability to keep drinks colder than most materials do makes copper ideal for an icy tipple. Plus, it looks pretty great on a bar top.

Don’t forget, most of your best alcohols were made in copper so if anything, it would compliment. To retain its’ luster, we recommend hand washing only.

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3 Piece Copper Plated Cocktail Shaker – 17oz (Heavy Steel)


3 Piece Copper Plated Cocktail Shaker – 16oz


3 Piece Copper Plated Cocktail Shaker – 16oz (Quench)


Bar Spoon Trident 40cm (Copper Plated)


Bar Spoon Trident 50cm (Copper Plated)


Bar Spoon with Muddler 30cm (Copper Plated)


Bar Spoon with Muddler 40cm (Copper Plated)


Biloxi Copper Plated Julep Strainer – 8.66 inch


Bitter Bottle with Copper Plated Dasher (70ml)


Bitters Bottle Dasher Cork (Antique Copper)


Calabrese Hawthorn Strainer (Copper) – 8 inch


Copper Plated Boston Shaker – 16oz (Cheater Tin)


Copper Plated Boston Shaker Set – 28oz & 18oz (Tin on Tin)


Copper Plated Double Jigger (1oz and 2oz)


Copper Plated Muddler – 8.5 inch


Copper Plated Pineapple Tumbler with Straw (17oz)