When you started collecting cigars, you must have done a lot of research on how to store them properly. As many of you already know, Audew is one of the best manufacturer of thermoelectric humidor, popularly used by many cigar enthusiasts, aficionados, cigar fanatics, etc. It is inexpensive, it looks good, it is very functional as an indoor humidor featuring wide temperature.

If you already own an Audew JC-48A cigar cooler humidor, you can replace the default flat trays that came with the humidor, using our high quality drawers made of Spanish cedar to store your unboxed / loose cigars, increasing storage capacity and prevent them from being damage. A cigar drawer is a actually a better alternative to a flat tray.

We not only manufacture Audew JC-48A cigar drawers for better storage but we also produce the cigar dividers for optimum preservation of your precious cigars collection and let’s arrange them stylishly as you like e.g. by brand, size, ring gauge, flavor, etc. To order, your Audew JC-48A cigar drawers and dividers, click on the links below: